Working with a Commercial Contractor for Medical Building Construction

Feb 15, 2022 | Blog

Survey any community, and you’ll find at least one medical center. The construction of medical buildings is increasing rapidly to meet the growing demands. Commercial contractors must keep up-to-date with the latest practices, challenges, and problems that arise with these special buildings. The design, architecture, and requirements of medical facilities differ from other commercial buildings in several ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Built for Medical Purpose

The method of delivering health care is changing every year, and the construction of medical buildings is also revolving. Advancements in the field of medical technology and cost cuttings are forcing healthcare institutions to change the way they do business. For instance, the load on inpatient departments is decreasing, with an increase in new facility types such as ambulatory care centers.

Every medical construction project is different from the others and has distinct needs. An urgent-care unit has different requirements than an assisted living residence. Ensure that your commercial contractor will work closely and in detail with you to understand the requirements and goals that your building needs to function properly.

When selecting a construction company for your next project, make sure they have a clear understanding of the usage of medical spaces and are fully aware of the construction and design requirements. When working with Advanced Construction and Development in Montgomery, Texas, you don’t have to worry about these details. We have decades of experience constructing several types of structures.

Meet Medical Building Regulatory Standards

Every state has set rules and standards that need to be met for the construction of medical facilities. Commercial construction companies must be aware and follow the necessary requirements. The design and structure of a building must be in accordance with the guidelines.
For healthcare buildings, the versatility and strength of their structure are important considerations in the design. Areas with frequent natural disasters like hurricanes require resilient structural designs to last for decades. Make sure your contractor has this knowledge and can work on resilient designs.

Patient Safety

The construction of a medical facility directly impacts the health of a patient. Therefore, the design must include critical and strategic elements setting patient safety of the highest priority.

In the past, the designs of medical facilities didn’t focus on safety measures, leading to human error and other safety issues due to flawed designs.

Considering Patients And Staff Movement

The flow of people around the facility, including doctors, patients, staff, visitors, janitors, should be simple and quick. And this needs to be considered when designing a medical building. A loaded waiting area or confusing ways to check-in desks can lead to everyday chaos, which can hurt the patients and impact the productivity of doctors and other staff.

A healthcare building can be seen as several departments linked to each other but with different functions and directions. The people inside should have easy access and navigation to their desired department.

Work with a Commercial Contractor

As one of the leading commercial contractors in Montgomery, Texas, Advanced Construction and Development will carefully design and construct your medical facility. Call us today at 936.521.2446.


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