What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Roof?

Sep 15, 2021 | Blog, Hail damage

Hail Storm Last Night? Signs to Look Out For Roof Damage
The morning after a hail storm is crucial. You never know how much it has hit and caused damage to your property. You must be wondering, what does hail damage look like on a roof? We’re here with answers.
Hail damage often lessens the life of the roof, which may lead to entire replacement. Identifying hail damage on a roof is tricky; no need to worry. Let’s discuss the signs to look out for.

How to Identify Hail Damage?

Roof damage is easily identifiable if the wreck is big; for instance, the presence of ripped-off shingles from the roof or broken tree branches, dents in the cars, etc. But, it becomes a tad bit difficult when the damage is minor; only an expert’s eye can pinpoint the issues and help restore it.

1. The Gutter
The best place to start your search is the gutter. If the hail was strong enough to dent the gutter line or downspouts, then it must have had an impact on the roof too. The gutters often clog because of the broken shingle pieces. Therefore, if your gutter is filled up after a hail storm, then it is most likely that your roof has been hit too.

2. Garage Door And Window
You can always look for dents and dips on the garage door or cracks on the window.

3. Deck And Siding
Another good area to explore is your deck and siding. Disfigurement in these areas is a marker of shingle damage to the roof.
When you get up to the roof, make sure to examine the asphalt for exposed shingles and a black substance that hail leaves behind. Dents may not always be visible; run your hands to feel the dings/dips. With that, do not forget to search and mark the cracks or bruising in the shingles.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Roof?

1. Cracks in the Shingle
Hail can directly impact the shingles, causing them to split, making them prone to wear and tear.

2. Loss of Granule
Shingles have an outer covering known as granules. It resembles sandpaper and protects the asphalt coat. Its loss leads to the exposure of the inner material, decreasing its life.

3. Weak Shingle Seal
The high impact of hail and wind can loosen the seal which holds the shingle to its place. Weak seals fail to contain them in place during a hail storm, so it blows away.

Can Roof Damage by Hail be repaired?

Repairing of the roof depends on the extent of damage caused. If few shingles need replacement, it can easily be done, but if there are more, it is probably best to get expert advice.
Ignoring this issue is probably not a good idea; the damage can evolve into much bigger problems like a leak from the roof, mold growth, and circuit damage.
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