What Causes Commercial Roof Leaks

Mar 30, 2021 | Blog

Even if you regularly maintain your commercial roof, you may experience leaks due to harsh weather conditions and structural damage. If you want to prevent further damage, you need to have two things with you – number 1 an action plan and number 2 finding the cause of leakage. You can take advantage of our experience, and we will help you determine how to make your commercial roof ready for all the incoming dangers.

Causes of Leaking Commercial Roof

Standing Water

Standing water is one of the main causes of leakage in commercial roofs. The design of any commercial roof is such that it allows water to stand. If you don’t take care of the standing water, it may add extra weight, which will elevate the chances of leakage. With an adequate draining system, water will exit, giving you a pool-free roof.

If any stains are visible on your building, contact Advanced Construction and Development for repairs and maintenance.

Improper Sealing

Improper sealing is a common cause of leakage in commercial roofs. Regularly maintaining your roof membrane will keep it safe from water damage. A commercial roof consists of gas lines, vents, pipes, and HVAC units. Due to improper sealing, they will become open holes in the roof’s membrane.

Roof Membrane Damage

The membrane of your roof stops the water from coming inside of your house. With the passing time, the membrane can become old, and it may split or crack. If you regularly maintain your roof membrane, the chances of leakage will minimize.

Age Factor

Just like humans become old, roofs can also age. Commercial roofs live about 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. Keep everything in writing, for example, the due date for your next repairs. Contact us and get a free quote for your maintenance.

What To Do About the Leakage?

If you find a leakage in your commercial roof, do the following:

Find the Point of Entry

The first step towards the repair of your commercial roof is finding where the water is coming from. If you can find the entry point of leakage, you can prevent further damage to the building. When our staff visits you, you can point them at the entry point of leakage. Our team will make sure the leakage is repaired efficiently.

We are experts at providing reliable and affordable commercial roof repair services in Montgomery, Texas.

Insurance Policy

Roof damage can be a shock for any business owner. Call your insurance agent and tell them about the damage and see if your insurance policy caters to your repairs.

The agent may ask you for particular information about the roof and any description you can provide regarding the entry point of leakage. This process will save much of your time and energy.

Contact us for Commercial Roof Repairs.

When you contact us for your repair works, we will effectively analyze the reason behind leakage and provide you quotes before jumping on any repair work. Our team of experts will provide you cost-effective solutions with promising results.

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