Top 7 Gravel Options For a Driveway

Oct 30, 2022 | Blog

The entrance, the first look of your property, is what leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, selecting the best gravel for your driveway is pivotal not only for the ease of maneuvering but also for the curb appeal or asset value. Let’s hear what the commercial and residential construction experts have to say.

You’re here; searching for top-notch rocks for your driveway pavement is the first step. We are here to put you at ease. We have detailed the best options for you to choose from.

7 Best Kinds of Gravel for Your Driveway

Here are some of the types of rocks you should use:

Quarry process

This type of stone also referred to as crusher run, works well for both surfaces, the driveway as well as walkways. A crusher run comprises dust fines of stones and crushed stones themselves. The dust settles to become compact and gives a smooth semisolid surface look.

Jersey shore gravel

It is yellow, off-white, gold, brown, and tan stones that look similar to sand. A jersey shore gravel requires borders or pavers that help stabilize and prevent it from spreading.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel gives the best aesthetics. It consists of circular, tiny stones that are available in a variety of colors. This gravel easily spreads under the weight of vehicles. Still needs stabilization for long-term, maintenance-free use.

Southwest Boulder & Stone 30 cu ft. Decomposed Granite

One of the best gravel for your driveway is decomposed granite. It is like gravel; however, much more refined in structure. Therefore, it provides more stable surfaces for a driveway. A decomposed granite is from the natural weathering of the granite stone. The driveway consists of smaller pieces from ⅜ inch to the size of a grain of sand.

The tiny pieces allow compaction and, in turn, give a firm surface as stable as concrete. The good news is that there are a variety of earth tones in this making it easy to match your home exterior.

Crushed stone #411

Crushed Up #57 stone is a mix of stones with rock dust. Your driveway will be able to withstand moderate traffic from heavy vehicles.

Marble chips

They are sparkly white and reflect in the sunlight. Usually, marble chips hold more value in terms of money than other kinds of gravel. Other than that, marble chips is the best gravel for driveway aesthetic appeal. They also require a border with stabilization to prevent them from falling apart, migrating, or washing away.

Blacktrap Rock

It is one of the most attractive and best choices for gravel (driveway) if your theme is posh and not vibrant.

A blacktrap rock is angular, and the stones lock up together. It is an aesthetically pleasing stable grid pavement for your driveway.

What Is The Advantage of Choosing a Gravel For the Driveway?

It is one of the advantages vs. a solid concrete surface. Amongst all types, the top choice of gravel for best drainage in the driveway is large gravel. Ones that are 1 inch or bigger in diameter create gaps between the rocks.

Those gaps serve as the entryway for water to pass through for apt drainage easily. If you go for smaller gravel, less than 3/4 inches in diameter, they have dust mixed for better compaction, creating fewer gaps for the water to pass through.

Which One to Choose?

Our verdict is to go for any gravel that offers the best drainage for your driveway. The ones mentioned above will suffice and give the aesthetics you are in search of. Why don’t you contact Advance Construction and Development at (936) 521-2446 for more information? We’ll be happy to help.


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