Top 10 Warehouse Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

May 30, 2024 | Blog, Warehouse Renovation

Are you looking for ways to boost efficiency of your warehouse and thinking about renovation for the first time? Although it is a good strategy to modernize your area, you should know that renovation is not light on the pocket. This blog aims to target 10 common mistakes during warehouse renovation that you should remember before starting your project.

Warehouse Renovation Blunders

Here are some pointers for you to remember:

1. Lack of Prior Planning of Workflow

The main purpose of a successful renovation plan is to streamline your daily operations and not create hindrance in doing so. Prior to demolishing the existing area, map out your workflow properly, analyze any hiccups and jot down areas for improvement. Process these changes into the new layout.

2. Not Factoring In Storage Capacity Requirements

Careful planning is the route to success. A thorough inventory analysis for storage requirements is always a good plan. Keep in mind factors such as seasonal fluctuations and future product lines. Incorporate space-saving solutions like vertical racking systems for smooth move of your equipment.

3. Lighting Troubles

A well-lit warehouse is crucial to make it a safe and efficient place. Good lighting ensures fewer errors, reduces the risk of accidents, and improves worker morale. Task lighting for workstations and bright overhead lighting for aisles are the best ways to translate this factor into the plans.

4. Building Codes and Regulations

Safety is a parameter that takes the highest position in any project, be it warehouse renovation or any other, and should never be compromised. Learn deeply about relevant building codes and safety regulations that apply to your warehouse. More often than not, these include fire safety, weight limitations for storage areas, and proper ventilation. Neglecting these regulations can lead to costly fines and, more importantly, impose safety threats to your employees.

5. Floor Considerations

The right floor for the warehouse is crucial since it experiences the most wear and tear. Therefore, choosing a durable material is uncompromisable to withstand the weight of your inventory and the constant traffic. Do remember factors like slip resistance, ease of maintenance, and chemical resistance.

6. Electrical Needs

Warehouses in this day and age rely mainly on electricity. That is why, before beginning your renovation, assess the current and future electrical needs. Make a list of power requirements for your machinery, lighting, and potential equipment additions. Make sure to get all wires checked and rewired at the time of renovation.

7. Dock Expansion

Every business is meant to grow, making dock space a crucial factor to pencil in. Even if you do not require that immediately, keep expansion in your mind during your renovation.

8. Climate Control

Proper temperature and humidity is a crucial factor to store items. If your inventory is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, an appropriate climate control system is non-negotiable.

9. Sustainability Efforts

Sustainable practices benefit your wallet and the environment alike. Incorporating energy-efficient lighting, insulation, and natural ventilation is a great step to reduce carbon footprints. Explore the possibilities of rainwater harvesting or solar panel installation for lessening your dependency on regular energy sources.

10. Skipping the Post-Renovation Evaluation

The efforts do not stop once you are through with the warehouse renovation. As soon as the renovation project is complete, get your area evaluated by professionals to maximize its effectiveness. Monitor metrics, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments as needed.

Closing Note

Now that you know some common mistakes that are made during warehouse renovation, keep them in mind when starting your project. Talk to professionals at Advanced Construction and Development by dialing (936) 521-2446 if you have more queries or want to learn ways we can be of help. Or, you can drop by our office in Texas for assistance.


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