Top 10 Mistakes in a Commercial Restaurant Renovation That Can Cost You

Nov 30, 2023 | Blog, Commercial Restaurant

The entire process is quite a thrilling experience, especially if you are pouring out your dreams there. However, you must note to meticulously plan the entire project to avoid pitfalls. In this blog, we have detailed the top 10 mistakes you should avoid during restaurant renovation.

1. Not Setting a Budget

Thinking about diving into restaurant renovation without setting a budget first is one of the biggest yet most common mistakes made. Before you begin the journey, establish a clear cost breakdown to ensure that your enthusiasm does not drag you into a pit after overspending.

2. Clueless Route

You should be able to tell why you want to renovate your functional restaurant space. This is essential to set a proper goal for the changes you are aiming for the desired results. Whether it is to attract new customers by changing the ambiance or enhancing working efficiency, having a goal pivots success. This clarity helps make decisions throughout the process to ensure that every change achieves the desired outcome.

3. Not Prioritizing Critical Issues

Resist the urge to immediately focus on superficial cosmetic changes. Prioritize critical issues and address them first, especially structural problems. If the foundation is shaky, no amount of paint or redecoration will stand the test of time. Lay a stable foundation for subsequent enhancements.

4. Picking the Wrong Time to Remodel

Timing matters more than you think. Plan your restaurant renovation by assessing when your business experiences the least impact. Usually, the beginning of a new year is slow, while seasonal businesses might find the offseason ideal. Smart timing minimizes potential losses.

5. Snoozing On the Latest Trends

Stay updated on current design trends to make sure your space remains relevant. Search for popular design elements and incorporate them into your plans. Do not be careless towards technological trends either; features like Wi-Fi access add significant value to every space.

6. Not Making Workflow and Safety a Priority

Efficiency and safety should be a priority with everything else on your mind. Ensure clear pathways between the kitchen, prep areas, and dining rooms to avoid accidents. Consider changes in fire safety and optimize staff movement during peak times by rethinking layouts and kitchen designs.

7. Choosing Rookies Instead Of Professionals

Choosing the right professional for your project is crucial. Look for contractors with experience in similar domains. Conduct interviews and communicate your vision; remember, it is not just about pricing; compatibility and shared expectations are equally necessary.

8. Not Using High-Quality Materials

The materials you choose can make or break your work. Research local building codes and opt for high-quality materials to avoid issues down the road. For example, add an anti-slip feature to your flooring tiles.

9. Improper Clearance

When it comes to appliances and layout, clearance is crucial. Make sure you have ample space between countertops and upper cabinets. Do factor in the functionality of your kitchen elements, from dishwashers to ovens. Don’t forget about lighting – height impacts functionality and ambiance alike.

10. Underestimating Storage

Storage, for many, takes a back seat and is often underestimated. Evaluate your storage needs and plan for future additions accordingly. It is a smart move to incorporate solutions, such as pull-out spice racks and under-counter storage.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, you can ensure your commercial renovation succeeds by paying attention to detail. Set a budget, clear your goals, and prioritize critical issues; tackle each one by one.

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