The 3 High-Security Commercial Fencing Options You Should Consider

Apr 30, 2022 | Blog

If you are searching for fencing options for your commercial property, you are at the right place. The type of fencing you need varies according to your property and its needs. Fencing is important for the safety of your property and other business needs. Therefore, before you decide, it is better to get familiar with all of the fencing options at your disposal. Keep reading to acquaint yourself with 3 types of high-security commercial fencing that you can consider.

3 Commercial Fencing Types for Security

If you want a secure fencing option for your commercial property, you have many options. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Palisade
Palisade fencing is made by attaching vertical steel pales to horizontal rails. The pales then form panels that are secured on posts. It can be pretty valuable as a deterrent. The foreboding visible sight of these fences can help protect your property against crimes like vandalism, intrusion, and more. Not only does palisade fencing lack footholds, but it can withstand any attempt of cutting. Moreover, with this fencing, you have the option of adding spikes on top. As a result, the long, spiky steel panels will keep any possible crime at arm’s length. You have the option to specify and finish them according to your choice. In addition, they are durable, strong, and resist weather conditions. And the best part: they require minimal maintenance and repairs. You should definitely consider these high-security fences for your property.

2. Concrete Walls
Precast concrete walls are also a good fencing option. They are durable and hard to penetrate. They can endure extreme weather conditions, like hurricanes. Coupled with high security for your property, they come with the advantage of noise reduction. If you invest in precast concrete fences, it will spare you from spending tons. You will not have to spend a lot on repair, maintenance, and replacements. Moreover, the time and equipment needed for installing a precast cement fence are minimal. Precast concrete fencing is another option that you can take into regard for your infrastructure.

3. Mesh Panels
High-quality, low-carbon steel, aluminum alloy steel, and stainless steel are what mesh panels are made of. Then it is surface coated for a PVC coating, or it can be galvanized. As a result, it is effective in withstanding erosion. The mesh panels, either of vertical or horizontal alignment, have adequate spacing. Which, in turn, defends your property against penetration or climbing. It is thought to be the best option if you require high security. Government facilities and other high-security infrastructures use mesh panel fencing, too. Therefore, if you need top-notch protection, mesh panels might be what you are looking for.

The Final Take Out

Security is an important aspect to consider before you land on a fencing option. Palisade, Concrete Walls, and Mesh Panels are three of the many choices you have. If you are looking for fencing options for your commercial property, our team at Advanced Construction and Development is eager to help. Call us today at 936.521.2446 and get the best construction services.


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