More About Low Slope Roofing Systems

Apr 30, 2021 | Blog

When deciding on flat roofing systems, there are many options that must be considered. Most commercial buildings have a low slope or flat roof structures. Unlike the roofs of residential roofs, commercial ones have steeped sloped due to reasons such as:

Initial Construction Cost
Building a sloped roof on a commercial building would be very costly due to the huge consumption of material required for roof support assembly. In case there are valleys, peaks, or other rough terrains, it can add to the cost.

Rooftop HVAC Equipment
You can often see HVAC systems on commercial roofs because these systems must be close to the area they will cool or heat. Another hurdle with steeped sloped roofs is that they make the installation of HVAC systems difficult.

Flat roofs make it easier to install rooftop solar systems. This is because it is possible to place the panels in such a way that sunlight can be absorbed all over its position. A flat roof is mostly empty, and you can easily use it to produce energy.

Roofing System Options

If you want to put a low slope roof on your commercial building, here are a few options you can explore.

Built-up Roofing (BUR) Systems
As the name suggests, built-up roofs are constructed on the top of the building by a roofing contractor like Advanced Construction and Development, who provide services throughout Montgomery, Texas, and nearby areas. Layers of synthetic fabric and a mixture of coal tar or hot asphalt are mopped together. The roofs are shielded with pea gravel to protect the building from weather or sun damage. If the roof is properly designed, it can also provide good protection against fire.

Modified Bitumen Membranes
These roofs are prebuilt in a factory and are installed in single or multiple layers. There are two types of modified bitumen, and they are installed differently.
In one method, the material is melted to an underlayment with an open torch. The second method is mopping down with cold process cement or hot asphalt. Using an open torch is dangerous as it involves the risk of fire.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings are an effective method to increase the lifespan of low-slope roofing. It’s very easy to install these coatings on the existing surfaces of the roof and costs lesser than tearing off the entire existing roof and placing a new one. They reflect most of the sunlight and cut down energy costs.

The roof coatings come in two different forms such as acrylic and silicone. Both have their pros and depend on the costs, temperature, involvement of ponding water, the lifespan of coating, and a few other factors.

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