If You Want To Insulate your Garage Door Here Is What You Need To Do

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog, Garage Door

If you want to reduce your energy bills and protect your garage from harsh temperatures, then all you need is to insulate your garage door. Here we will explain to you some simple ways on how you can insulate your garage door. All you will need is a DIY garage door insulation kit.

The first and most crucial step is to figure out the proper insulation for your garage. We recommend getting a professional opinion on the appropriate insulation for your garage before you begin the insulation process.

Next, mark the locations you deem appropriate for the fasteners. You will have to make two marks on each door panel. Remember to make sure that the marks are twelve inches from the side. Once you are done, press a double-sided tape onto your marked spots, tear off the front side of the tape, and place a retainer clip on the piece of tape. Next, repeat this step for every marked spot.

Once you are done, begin measuring each door panel, and cut a piece of insulation for each door panel according to your measurements. Ensure that you are wearing your protective gear because some types of insulation can cause eye irritation and skin irritation.

When you tuck the insulation panel into your door panel, make sure that the vinyl side or the reflective side is facing you or, in other words, facing outward. Now that you have tucked in the insulation panel; find the retainer clips you had put up. Now attach the front piece of the retainer clip to the back piece that is already behind the insulation panel. Complete the process as explained to insulate your garage door.

Though it sounds easy, the procedure is indeed tricky. If you need help, our experts at Advanced Construction and Development are happy to help. Call us now at (936)-521-2446.


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