How To Select The Right Candidate For Your Civil Construction Project?

Oct 30, 2023 | Blog

If you are planning to go for a civil construction project, make wise decisions in order to ensure success; one of the most crucial decisions is to select the right contractor for your project. The best move is to let the professionals take their jobs to lead the project since doing it on your own means increased costs, stress, and, of course, delays. Let’s have a look at how you can choose the right contractor for your civil construction project.

Key Factors To Consider

  1. Ask For Recommendations
    Start your search by reaching out to your network of trusted people, including your friends and family. Ask if they have any valuable insights and suggestions based on their personal experience. Other than that, organizations like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry can help you provide a list of local contractors.
  2. Schedule Interviews
    You have the right to inquire professionals about their experiences and work in general. So, once you are through with listing down potential contractors, set a time for phone interviews. The points you should not miss include the contractor’s ability to handle a project of your size, financial references, and questions for a list of previous clients. Better yet, find out how many projects they have in progress simultaneously and their working relationship with subcontractors.
  3. Arrange Physical Meetings
    Narrow down your choices based on the phone interviews. You can select 3 to 4 contractors for in-person meetings and quotations. Constructive communication is a must during this stage since the contractor will be working for an extended period.
  4. Investigate and Properly Inspect
    After research, it is time to get into action. Call out former clients to get a look at the contractor’s work in person. Make sure to observe the project site’s cleanliness and safety, along with the workers’ attitude towards the property.
  5. Collect Quotes
    Once you have a list of contractors with strong track records, focus on your project’s specific requirements. A good contractor will ask for comprehensive blueprints for a clear understanding of your project’s goals to give a quote. When comparing bids, make sure that a proper breakdown of material costs, labor, and additional expenses is explained. Typically, materials make up 40% of the total cost, while the remainder is overhead and a profit margin.
  6. Establish a Payment Schedule Beforehand
    A well-designed payment schedule mirrors a contractor’s work ethic. Steer clear of contractors demanding a significant upfront payment; it indicates a lack of trust in your commitment. For larger projects, an initial 10% at contract signing, 3 payments of 25% should be evenly distributed over the project’s duration, and the final 15% upon completion.
  7. Do not Let Price Over Power Your Choice
    While cost is a major factor that pivots the selection process, solely choosing a contractor on the lowest bid is not right. A lowball offer may be a sign of desperation for work.
  8. Put It in Writing
    Pen down a comprehensive contract outlining all project details. This must include the payment schedule, proof of insurance and worker’s compensation, a fixed start and completion date, materials chosen, and the requirement for the contractor to get releases from subcontractors and their suppliers.

    Closing Note

    Now that you know where to start, give us a call for your civil construction project. Talk to professionals from Advance Construction by dialing (936) 521-2446 to get answers to all your queries. Or, you can drop by our office in Texas for assistance.


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