How Much Does It Cost To Build A Splash Pad?

Jun 15, 2024 | Blog, Splash Pad

Are you thinking about adding a splash pad to your recreational area for those who can’t take a dip in water? They are indeed a good opportunity, especially for younger children who are not tall enough or have water phobia. However, with a job like this, budget concerns are natural. So, want to know how much does it usually cost to build a splash pad. Let’s find out.

Average Cost for Different Types of Splash Pads

The best way to understand this concern is to divide the price according to the types.

  • Residential Splash Pads
    Splash pads meant for homes typically anywhere between 15000 USD to 35000 USD, depending on the size and features. Smaller splash pads can cost you around 2000 to 10000 USD for simple designs.
  • Commercial Splash Pads
    Since they are larger in size, automatically will cost more. Moreover, commercial splash pads are more complex in design, as well making them quite expensive. The cost can range anywhere from 30000 to 150000 USD.

Factors Affecting Splash Pad Cost

It is not right to give a single quote for this because the cost of building a splash pad varies according to several factors. Here are some of the parameters that affect this:

  1. Size and Type of Design
    If you choose large sized, complex splash pads with more features, expect to pay higher because they require more material, labor, and equipment.
  2. Type of System
    Since splash pads need a constant supply of water, the type of management system you choose significantly impacts the cost. Recirculating systems are more expensive but save water and energy costs. On the other hand, non-recirculating systems, although less expensive, may have higher ongoing costs due to water usage.
  3. Features and Amenities
    It is simple, the more features and amenities you add to your splash pad, the more it will cost you. Choosing multiple water features, lighting, and seating will be more expensive than simpler designs
  4. Location and Infrastructure
    The area you want to make this splash pad in and its infrastructure requirements shifts cost. If you plan to integrate it in the current, in-use infrastructure, like water supply and electricity, can add to the overall cost.
  5. Design Requirements
    When you decide to add a splash pad, you need to consider the surrounding area as well for better sync and aesthetic appeal. Professional design services are a must for more complex projects, adding to the overall cost.
  6. Operational Costs
    It is wise to include everyday operational costs while planning a splash pad. Include ongoing expenses like water and electricity bills, maintenance, labor, and monitoring, to the list. All of this can range from 20 to 40 USD per month.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, it may cost you around 30,000 to 150,000 USD to build a splash pad on a commercial level. However, it may go over the range since the actual price depends on the factors mentioned above. Now that you know how much you might need for a splash pad, keep the figure in mind when starting your project. Talk to professionals at Advanced Construction and Development by dialing (936) 521-2446 if you have more queries or want to learn ways we can be of help. Or, you can drop by our office in Texas for assistance.


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