How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?

Oct 30, 2021 | Blog, Build A Pool

Are you planning to get a pool built for commercial purposes? It is something that would benefit not just you but society on the whole. A place where people would gather and socialize during summers. A perfect spot to beat the heat and strengthen ties. You would not know, and the summer season will be upon us with the blink of an eye! Wondering how long does it take to build a pool for a commercial setup? you have landed on the right page.

Commercial constructors make sure to plan the process and then move forward strategically. Building a pool not only involves planning and construction but getting permits from the authorities is vital too.

Usually, the actual process is not long to build a pool, but the documentation keeps the project from execution.

Approximately, How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool?

We can’t really set an exact period, but it varies on the type of pool we want to build and the production scale. However, on an average we can say that the whole process will take eight to twelve weeks. The range is subject to permit approvals.

Let’s dive in deeper to see how long each step takes approximately to build an entire pool.

Time Taken To Build a Commercial Pool

Set up a meeting with your contractor before getting on with the breakdown of construction steps and the time each would take to build a swimming pool.

Designing – 1 to 4 weeks

Firstly, before you start dreaming about the crystal clear water dips in summer, finalize the design. Get in touch with your designers and discuss the scope and your vision. Both should be on the same page. The concept may need many revisions which will take long. Bear in mind that it will take at least a few weeks before you can start with the actual work.

Permits and Documentations – 2 To 6 Weeks

This process is one of the most crucial ones that decide how long it will take to build an entire pool. Some might approve your request in a day. On the other hand, few may hang up for weeks. It depends on the laws your area has and officials that work on permits.

Excavation – 5 Days to 1 Week

After getting all the necessary approvals, the next step is to strip the topsoil and get on with excavation. Usually, it just takes a day or two. However, you never know any complications may arise. In case of any resistance followed by problem solving, this step takes no more than a week.

Installation of Plumbing and Electrical Equipment – 1 To 2 Weeks

After excavation, the next step is to spread the steel and lay plumbing and electrical routes. Make sure that the lines are not stubbed and plumed. Usually, systems for commercial plumbing are designed into service areas. In such a case, there is no need to worry. Your constructor will use an air compressor to charge the system to detect any sort of leak.
With plumbing, electrical wires are also installed to ensure full symphony and fewer chances of damage.

Installation of the Pool Material – 1 To 3 Weeks

It depends on the type of pool you are planning to build. The work gets done faster when it is vinyl or fiberglass. Often, this step takes approximately between 1 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, gunite pools will take longer to build.

Decking and Landscaping – 1 To 4 Weeks

Once done with the base, add landscaping and other features to tie the look of your swimming pool together. You can use flowers, grass, or stones according to the theme. Select appropriate patio furniture for the deck and enjoy!


With all this information, you know how long it will take to build a swimming pool. There are many crucial steps involved. Get the best constructors from Advanced Construction and Development onboard for your project. We offer high quality custom services to cater to your wants. Call now at 936.521.2446 for more information.


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