How HVAC Systems Can Impact Your Commercial Roof

Feb 28, 2021 | Blog, Commercial Roofing

A commercial building isn’t complete until the installation of an HVAC unit. It is one thing that can be ignored the most after installation and only remembered when the heating or cooling stops. Ignoring the unit can have a negative impact on your commercial roof and may result in hefty repairs. If it’s been ages since you installed your HVAC system or planning to construct a new building, go through the hurdles you may face and some of the pros and cons of installing an HVAC rooftop unit.

How HVAC Units Can Be Non-Friendly For Rooftops

Damage due to Improper Installation
If your roof is strongly built, it can bear heavy weights but don’t take HVAC units too lightly as they can be extremely heavy. If the installation is made in the wrong way, damage can incur to your roof. The presence of a professional roofing contractor is important during the HVAC installation to make sure the unit and roof are safe and secure.

Foot Traffic for maintenance works
The reason why HVAC systems are installed on the roof is to keep them out of sight. However, doing so will divert heavy foot traffic on your roof for maintenance and repair works. Timely inspections by roofing experts ensure the proper functioning and extended life of your system. However, if the technicians fail to follow the proper protocol, their traffic can damage your roof’s membrane.

To save trouble, install dedicated walkways to your system that the technicians should follow.

Water Pooling Around the Unit
Sometimes your roof can experience leaks, and the reason could be HVAC units. The leaking damage can be due to:

Improper unit installation
If the technician you hired to install your HVAC system wasn’t professional enough, there’s a possibility of damage to the roof membrane resulting in cracks. The effects can be negative and may even lead to water pooling and low spots in the roof.

The vaporizing system is not working correctly.
The HVAC units should vaporize the water and return it to the mother air for proper working. However, if the unit is malfunctioning, it might not vaporize the moisture correctly, resulting in water pooling near the unit’s base.

Whatever the cause of ponding, either the rain or improper vaporization of the HVAC unit. The results can be disastrous for your roof. It’s important to go with regular inspection and maintenance of your HVAC by a professional to prevent ponding and leaks.

The Pros and Cons of a Rooftop HVAC Unit


  • Easy for technicians to access the system
  • Energy-efficient because of natural sinking properties of cold air
  • Placing HVAC systems on the top ensures no noise comes inside the building


  • Proper installation requires the services of a professional technician and roofer
  • If the unit isn’t properly cared for, it can result in high repairing costs
  • Bad weather conditions can damage the roof and the unit

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