Guideline On Top Soil – What Is It Used For?

Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

Are you planning to add a garden to your building? It is better to run it through yourcommercial construction manager. It may not seem like an important step; however, if you want proper landscaping for your space, it is a must to know what top soil is and what it is used for.

What is a Top Soil?

Just like the name suggests, topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil that you add to your garden. It is a 2 to 8 inches layer in depth that covers all your plant’s nutritional needs.

What is the Top Soil Used For?

Your plants need topsoil nutrients for their life and overall sustenance. The higher the organic matter in it, the darker the soil will look. It has one added advantage: top soil is easy to dig in and supports healthy plant growth.

Types of Top soil

Topsoil looks characteristically like its name based on its texture and composition. These two are affected by the types of minerals and materials the topsoil contains naturally.

More often than not, it reflects the geological health of its location. Moreover, types of soils are also classified on the basis of particle size.

Here are 6 common types:


It is a heavy kind of soil that doesn’t lose its moisture in the cold; it stays wet but does dry out in summer. Some of the clay soils are quite thick that can actually be used to make clay pottery. However, clay soils lack proper aeration and drainage. So, it can become compacted and hard to dig in.


Silt is fine and textured soil, usually found in a light color. It is perfect for retaining moisture, has neutral pH, and is fairly rich in nutrients.


Sand evidently is light in color and low in terms of nutrients but light in weight. To make it useful, mix sandy soil with other heavy soils in order to get a good texture out of it. However, sandy soil on its own is susceptible to being washed up or blown away.


It is a combo of sand, silt, and clay. Loam is one of the most sought-after soils for your garden landscape. It is rich in organic matter and texture, making it amongst the best for planting and drainage. Loam is dark and perfectly holds its shape when squeezed together.


Chalk is light weighing, aerated, containing huge amounts of limestone or calcium carbonate, giving it a highly alkaline pH.


A light-weighing, organic matter topsoil with excellent drainage capabilities. Peat soils are not naturally found in many places; therefore, peat is harvested or exported for use in the soil to improve the texture and drainage of garden soil.

Final Words

Asking your construction worker questions regarding your queries. They are experts and will have some useful insights to share. In case you are looking for options, contact ACD – Advanced Construction and Development at (936) 521-2446.


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