Do we still have asbestos popcorn ceiling in commercial buildings?

Sep 30, 2021 | Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling, Blog

The commercial buildings built before the 1990s mostly have an asbestos popcorn ceiling. They used to be extremely popular back in time due to their various features.
Not many options were available to make the ceilings aesthetic. Therefore, popcorn ceilings grabbed a lot of attention, from homemakers to commercial building constructors, popcorn ceiling was their choice. Its easy application, ability to hide imperfections, and noise absorption were some knockout features everyone wanted.

What does asbestos popcorn ceiling look like?

Its spray-on technique was easy to handle, making the ceiling look like a cottage cheese more than popcorn. They have a dimpled structure, which is dappled with a sponge or spray. Mostly contains asbestos ranging from one to ten percent in quantity.

Why is asbestos popcorn ceiling dangerous?

Popcorn ceilings themselves are not dangerous, but their component asbestos is declared as a health hazard.
Asbestos ceilings are now obsolete; they are not considered pleasing anymore. Whereas you might still find it in old buildings.
Asbestos is a toxic natural fibrous silicate compound. The ceilings made using them are fragile and can collapse easily, dusting their particles in the air.
When inhaled, these particles can lead to various lung problems; including breathing difficulties, chronic cough, asbestosis, and lung cancer.

Diseases associated with asbestos

A cancer that appears on the lung lining, (pleura), and peritoneum, the area around the digestive tract. It is not easy to diagnose and often results in a fatality.
A condition that hits people who have chronic exposure to asbestos due to popcorn ceiling. It scars the lungs of those individuals who come in contact with it and may lead to death.
Thick pleura
Continuous exposure of asbestos to the pleural membrane leads to its thickening. It swells up, and as a result shortness of breath and discomfort in the chest is experienced.

How to tell if popcorn ceiling has asbestos?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see asbestos through naked eyes. If you have detected its presence, send it for testing immediately. Do not do it yourself, call a professional for help. If the results confirm that asbestos is present, get it removed.

Testing method

Caution: Do not disturb the asbestos ceiling; it might cause dust particles to scatter in the air, harming the people around.
1. Make sure to drape yourself properly with the overalls and face mask with gloves. and then scrape off the sample. After collection, discard the protective gear immediately.
2. Lay a plastic sheet on the floor and moisten it a bit to catch the dust particles that may befall it.
3. Carefully secure the sample in a zip lock bag and seal it.
4. Fold the plastic sheet and discard it, minimizing contact with it.
5. Vacuum the entire area to not leave asbestos dust behind.
6. Send the collected sample to the nearby certified lab.
If your popcorn ceiling has asbestos, it is best to get rid of it pronto. Advanced construction and development in Montgomery, TX, are experts in such matters. Call now at 936 521 2446 to fix an appointment for inspection.


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