Advantages of Using Concrete for Commercial Buildings

Jul 15, 2023 | Blog

You will always find the word concrete written in bold on the prints for commercial buildings. Concrete vs. other materials, has various advantages to offer, from soundproofing abilities to its par excellence resistance to weather conditions; nothing can beat it. This blog has detailed the 5+ reasons why commercial building contractors choose concrete over everything else.

  1. Durability
    It is amazing that concrete buildings stand tall even after decades. Usually, they last for 30 years, while many surpass that before needing any major repairs or replacements.
    The ability of concrete to resist damage, as well as abrasion from high humidity and rain, is like no other. With minimal organic content, it is highly resistant to rust and rot, making it impermeable to moisture; this makes it exceptionally durable for areas with extreme weather conditions.
  2. Fire Resistance
    Along with defying the wrath of water and wind, concrete is also fireproof. Each year, fire departments in the US respond to thousands of house fires, but no devastating damage is seen in concrete-built structures.
  3. Cost
    While the initial cost of building a concrete home may seem like a huge dent in your pocket compared to cheaper options like wood or steel, the bigger picture is good enough to put your money into it.
  4. Construction Speed
    The time taken to make a concrete building is significantly less in comparison with other materials. With cast-in-place concrete, a two-day cycle can complete up to 20,000 square feet of flooring in just a matter of 48 hours, saving time and money alike.
  5. Energy Efficiency
    In this era of global warming, we need to use resources that are less harmful to the environment. Concrete is an excellent insulator, regulating temperatures in both hot and cold environments which makes it an energy-efficient option.
    Its low permeability reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, resulting in lower energy consumption. Even during prolonged periods without heat or power, concrete can help maintain comfortable temperatures, making it an ideal choice for shelters.
  6. Versatile
    You can shape concrete as per your personal preferences due to its high malleability. This allows it to easily take on various additives, appearances, surface textures, and shapes.
  7. Low Maintenance
    Properly installed concrete structures require the least maintenance, often lasting for decades. While coating or repainting concrete for modifying aesthetics is an option, it is not necessary to maintain its structural integrity. When the maintenance demands are less, the risks such as poor air quality, moisture damage, fading, wear from sunlight, pests, and structural problems lessen as well.

Final Note

Concrete’s versatility and durability make it a top-ranked choice for construction projects. So, next time when you plan to go for a commercial building construction project, talk to professionals from Advance Construction by dialing (936) 521-2446 for help. Or, you can drop by our office at 1135 Grand Central Parkway, Suite 230, Conroe, TX 77304, for assistance.


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