A Step By Step Guide To Commercial Roof Inspection

Aug 30, 2021 | Blog, Commercial Roofing, Roof Insspection

You need to call someone for a commercial roof inspection if you find something wrong with your roof. Perhaps there is water dripping from the roof onto the ground, or perhaps there are cracks in the surface.

There are two parts of the inspection:

  • The Physical Inspection.
  • The Inspection Report.

Internal Inspection

The contractor will first look inside the building. Once he finds where the leak is coming from, he will move to the roof.

External Inspection

On the roof, the contractor will look for:

  • Uplifted seams, nails, or shingles.
  • Blisters.
  • Cracks.
  • Ponding Water

The contractor will first check the edges of the roof. The edges are usually where you find a leak, whereas you do not commonly find any leaks in the field of the roof.

The professional roofing contractor will need to take a core sample. The core sample will tell the contractor how old the roof is, the amount of moisture present, and the number of roofing layers embedded.

An inspection usually takes an hour, depending on how large your roof is.

Inspection Report

After the inspection, you will receive a report from the contractor. The report will tell you:

  • What is the situation of your roof: What is causing the leak, and what parts of your roof are saturated.
  • The contractor’s recommendations on how you should proceed: The contractor can recommend that you repair the roof, restore it, or replace it entirely.
  • How much it will cost you.

The contractor should send you the report in a week. It is always best to consult with multiple contractors before proceeding with anyone. Choose the contractor who has the most cost-effective solution to your problem and has given the best recommendations.

If you are looking to get your roof fixed, our experts at Advanced Construction and Development are here to help. Call us at (936) 521-2446.


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