5 Types of Wood Fences You Can Consider for Your Commercial Property

Nov 30, 2022 | Blog, Wood Fences

Are you thinking of wooden fences for your commercial property? Wood fences help provide privacy to the structure while looking aesthetic and cozy. They add a natural, cottage-like charm to the area. Among the many wood fence styles, you can easily find something that works for you. In this blog, we’ll mention different types of wood fences.

What are the Types of Wood Fences I Can Choose From?

You have many designs available if you want a wood fence for your property. Some popular types of wood fences include

1. Picket Fence

A picket fence is around 4 feet tall, which is comparatively shorter. Hence, it might look like a barrier, but the simplicity this design brings makes the structure look attractive. The pickets have slight gaps between them. This way, the wind would pass through the gaps instead of forcing panels to fall over. Moreover, they’re an inexpensive option that gives a traditional look. You can also paint them to match the remaining structure.

You’ll need to be mindful of regular maintenance with picket fences. In addition, they don’t offer much privacy and security.

2. Post & Rail

You might have seen post and rail fences in classic movies. They’re yet another simplistic option, usually surrounding farms and ranches. If you want to go for functional instead of ornamental, you might want to consider post and rail fences. The horizontal posts are five feet tall, typically placed at a distance of 6 feet. In addition, this wooden fence design may have two, three, or four horizontal rails. Plus, the post and rail fence is wind-resistant! However, you won’t have much privacy or security with this option.

3. Lattice

You get lattice fences when you combine utility and traditional design. They comprise diagonal slats crossing one another, with blank spaces in between. Moreover, the gaps offer a sense of openness and space in the area. If you want to use them in a garden, you can also create sections using these lattice panels.

Like some other types of wood fences, lattice panels offer little privacy. But they can withstand the wind. Besides, you can paint them as well.

4. Louver

With narrow horizontal slats that are attached closely together, louver fences offer more privacy than the previously mentioned ones. The horizontal slats cover the entire length of the panel, which could be around 6 feet tall. Moreover, they have gaps that allow the air and wind to pass through. The louver slats might resemble a barrier, although you can see some light between the slats.

So you can have security and privacy with this wood fence, even if it requires regular maintenance.

5. Woven Panels

If you’re in the mood for exploring more decorative wood fence types, woven panels might be up your alley. You can use these to add a fancy look to the area. In addition, woven panels offer security, privacy, reduced noise and wind, and allow you to have a barrier. Painting woven panels might be challenging. Furthermore, they require regular maintenance. Still, they’ll enhance your structure.

The Takeaway

There are multiple types of wood fences you can choose from. So, without further ado, contact Advanced Construction & Development for the best commercial fencing. Give us a call at (936) 521-2446. You can also drop by our office at 1135 Grand Central Parkway Ste #230, Conroe, TX 77304, United States.


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