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Month: November 2021

Why Is Gutter Flashing Important? – Things You need To Need To Know

Nov 30, 2021

The roof and its problems are most probably never the part of discussions since it is easily forgotten during commercial building making. However, you must remember that a good roof serves as a protective barrier, thus needs to have its A-game. The components include a ridge, solid decking, shingles, chimney, and the very important, a […]

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5 Methods to Soundproof an Already Existing Wall in a Commercial Setup

Nov 15, 2021

Commercial contractors often do not set soundproofing the walls as their top most priority when constructing a building. In most cases, they tend to not focus on the acoustics till the project is completed, which is not right. Commercial buildings require more details and thought process, and each space has its specific acoustic needs. The […]

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