10 Types of Textures for a Modern Day Drywall

Oct 15, 2022 | Blog

Modern commercial architecture and designs are quite different in comparison to vintage selections. Back in the day, walls were made in a way to stand out and gain attraction. Whereas all types of modern-day drywall texture blend in, they work in symphony with every other aspect of the theme in mind.

Fixing drywall is a great way to accentuate your commercial or residential living space. There are so many types, from smooth, dry wall to textured dry walls. Well, we are here to solve your problem. Stay with us till the end to know the top 10 types of modern drywall texture.

Top 10 Modern Types/Designs for Drywall Texture

Here are your top 10 options:

Sand Swirl

It is a style quotient, looks chic, and adds an oomph to the otherwise sober drywall. This is one of the types of modern drywall texture, which is a combination of comb and spray textures (discussed below). You need to mix sand and water together and let it sit through the night. Next morning, use the brush to get your swirls.

The Comb Texture

It is a very different drywall texture. A comb is so named because the result after brush stroke looks like the lines a comb would make. Comb texture is one of those types of modern drywall texture that hints at a vintage vibe, more like a fish pattern on the wall.

Orange Peel

It is the most common sought-after wall texture. Orange peel’s ease of application and low cost is what make it so popular amongst people. The surface resembles a citrus rind, thus called an orange peel.

The look is perfectly balanced, classic, and not too extra.

Plain Drywall

Who does not love smooth modern drywall without any texture? You may think about what the use is, but trust us, sometimes no work is the best work.

Slap Brush

If you want to go for a rustic yet modern look with drywall texture, a slap brush is one of the best types. It is not only fun to work with but also a great way of self-expression. The slap brush looks funky and rustic at the same time.

Spray Sand

The spray sand is similar if you are a fan of the orange peel texture on your modern-styled drywall. However, it is considerably uniform minus the long cracks.

You can get this look in many ways, one of which is to mix primer and sand first, then allow it to sit overnight. Then spray the mixture on the drywall the next day.

Venetian Plaster

Unlike the ones mentioned above, this is not modern but one of the classics. Venetian plaster is expensive and costs more. Therefore, if you plan to use it, be ready to bear the initial and maintenance cost.

Hawk and Trowel

Hawk and trowel are one of the most promising types of texture used for modern drywall. It resembles the look of waves and will surely draw attention to your home. This texture is an ideal style statement.

Popcorn walls

It is one of the iconic looks that are still found in homes that are pretty old and never undergone renovation. Popcorn walls are perfect for hiding imperfections in an instant.

Multi-colored Lace

It gives off an attractive, 3-D-like look to your wall. Firstly paint the walls and then put lace texture on them. This results in a contrast between the two.

Final Words

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